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How to make a Mouse finger puppet

The Bagpuss annual contains a number of games and things to make.   One of these is a mouse finger puppet.

1. For each mouse, cut out one head, one back of head, one body and two arms as per the pattern below:

pattern3.gif (33612 bytes)

steps.gif (16832 bytes)

2. Fold the head in half and sew up the side to make a cone
3. Fit the back of head on to the open end of the cone, and oversew, leaving a gap at the bottom.
4. Fold the body in half and sew up the side to make a cone.  Push the point of this cone into the hole in the head and sew together.
5. Fix on the arms by sticking or sewing
6. Use White cotton for whiskers and tiny beads for eyes.
mouse.gif (10819 bytes) 7. Dress. Cut the shape of the dress (below) from any pretty material. 

Cut holes for arms. 

Turn over the top and sew a hem deep enough to take a thin thread. 

Put round the mouses neck and tie the thread so that the dress gathers at the top.

dress.gif (35025 bytes)