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The main literary output, the source of many of the stories for the films and books was a simple contractual obligation.  Over the years, Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin wrote and illustrated something like four hundred weekly strip stories for weekly children's papers called TV Land and TV Playland.  They also produced longer stories to go in the Annuals and Summer specials of those papers.

The first proper book, of the first Ivor story, in which he obtained his pipes and joined the choir was:

It was publised by Abelard Schuman in 1962 at 12/6d and was reprinted in paperback by Sphere books in 1967 at 5/-.

This was followed by

Published by Abelard Schuman in 1967.

No more books were published until after the color films were made for the BBC in 1975 and 1977.  Then Collins published six paperbacks:

Ivor the Engine: The first story ISBN 0006608744
Ivor the Engine: Snowdrifts ISBN 0006608752
Ivor the Engine and the Dragon ISBN 0006615007
Ivor the Engine and the Elephant ISBN 0006615015
Ivor the Engine and the Foxes ISBN 0006620426
Ivor's Birthday ISBN 0006623565

Richard Drew then published two IVOR the ENGINE story-books in hardback
ISBN 0.904002.896
ISBN 0-86267-170-1

One IVOR the ENGINE ANNUAL was published by Stafford Pemberton Publishing Co. Ltd, in 1977
ISBN 0-86030-05502

Six titles were reprinted in hardback by Harper Collins in their "Diamond Children's" Series in the 1990's
These were

The First Story ISBN 0-261-66569-3
Snowdrifts ISBN 0-261-66570-7
The dragon ISBN 0-261-66571-5
The Elephant ISBN 0-261-66572-3
The Foxes ISBN 0-261-66573-1
Ivor's Birthday ISBN 0-261-66574-X

Severnside Wholesalers are now in the process of re-issuing these six books!