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Game Pieces
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Game 1 - The Flower Game - get the Game Board

The aim of the game is to travel around the board collecting flowers for the Chapel Flower Show. Whoever brings home more flowers than anyone else is the winner.

Throw the dice. Whoever throws the highest number goes first. You may move in any direction except back the way you came. Land on a flower-space to collect a flower.

Once you have collected 3 flowers you may head for home and if you manage to reach home before anyone else has collected more flowers than you have, you are the winner. But if you don't manage to do this you must collect moreflowers. You can travel through any of the home squares but to reach home to win you must throw an exact number. If you throw too high a number stay where you are and wait for another chance.

If you land on a red square, pick up a card, do what it says, then put it face-down on the used card space. Once all cards are used, shuffle and re-use them. If you land on an orange circle collect 1p and keep it. 1 penny can be used to add 1 to any number thrown, (2 pennies add 2 etc). Put used pennies back on the board. You can buy a flower for 3p. If there are none left, take a flower from the player on your left and put the pennies back on the board.

Pieces may share the same space or pass each other. Good Luck!



Game 2 - Branch Lines - get the Game Board

Each person chooses a playing piece and places it on their appropriate start grid and throws the dice. The person with the highest number goes first, 6 gives an extra throw. Play moves to the person on the left.

The objective of the game is to move along the track and be the first to reach the shed. To win an exact number must be thrown, if not wait where you are and try again on your next go.

If you land on a space with a blue arrow at the beginning of a branch fine, move up or down the branch line in the direction of the arrow to where it rejoins the main fine. Players may stand on the same square and jump over each other.

It's fast, fun and very exciting.