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Make your own Ivor

This is what the finished product will look like if you rush it like I did...

These Images are thumbnails of the full-page templates for making your own Ivor

Click on the images or the links to get the templates.  You'll need these pages to be scaled to fit a single page of A4 paper for the instructions which follow to make any sense.


sheet1_thumb.jpg (39565 bytes)



sheet2_thumb.jpg (33035 bytes)


Paste this sheet on to a piece of hard paper or VERY thin card.
Leave over-night under a flat weight to dry.

With a ruler and blunt point, score along all lines marked with a blue arrow.

Cut a toilet roll tube to the same length as the boiler (7 cms.),
then cut out boiler and glue around tube starting from blue end.
Cut out front of boiler and glue to mauve tabs at funnel end.
Make a hole in the yellow shape on top of boiler.
Cut out funnel.
Glue mauve tab to other end to form tube.
Fit funnel to boiler glueing green tabs to grey squares.
Cut out tank lid.
Glue mauve tab to other end to form a ring.
Fold down blue tabs and glue yellow top to them.
Fit tank lid to boiler, glueing green tabs to grey squares.

When it is really dry, score along all lines marked with a blue arrow.

Cutout cab including doors.
Cut slots on either side of boiler position as marked.
Fold down along all scored lines.
Assemble COAL BOX by glueing mauve tabs to coalbox side.
Then fold whole cab into a square and glue blue tabs to other coalbox side.
Assemble CAB ROOF by glueing mauve tabs to edge of cab then blue tabs inside sides of cab.
Glue matchsticks into thin support of cab roof,pushing them through holes in corners of coal.

Cut out chassis.
Fold down along all scored lines except along edge of floor. Fold this up.
Glue mauve tabs to ends to form a box, and glue floor to red tabs under cab.
Glue 'CAB' to 'CHASSIS'.
Glue boiler in place on chassis, pushing blue tabs through slots and glueing mauve tabs to mauve squares.
With a suitable tool, put glue on the blue tabs and stick down.

Cut out tanks.
Fold down along all scored lines.
Glue mauve tabs behind ends keeping all corners square.
Fold down top black tab, and glue all black parts to boiler, cab and chassis where marked 'TANK'.

Cut out wheels and lamps.
Glue lamps to lamp shapes, back to back, only glueing behind blue and green parts.
Fold up along scored lines on lamps either side of red and fold down along scored line on green.
Glue wheel covers in line with chassis, lamps at front.
Glue lamps to black shapes on chassis so that the red pieces lie flat.
Support wheels by glueing matchboxes underneath.
Cut out ring and glue on to funnel.

Cut out four bumpers.
Cut four pieces of drinking straw 3mms long and glue these to bumpers and to yellow spots.
Cut three pieces of straw 1cm , 1½cm and 2cm, long.
Glue side by side and glue a matchstick into middle one.
Glue into hole in yellow shape on top of boiler and glue whistle to cab.

Cut out the figures just inside the lines and fold together along the back.
Stick the two halves together.
Trim the excess paper, leaving a small tab under the feet to stick the characters down.
Cut two small circles of card, the size of a penny, and stick the tabs down.

Enjoy playing with your new Ivor the Engine, Jones the Steam and Dai Station!