The Flying Machine


The brain-child of Olaf the Lofty and Graculus working together in heated dispute, this contraption was the flower of Nog-mechanics, anticipating two yet-to-be-discovered sciences; horology* and aeronautics. 

It didn't work very well, or at least not well enough to survive a magic thunder-storm created by a minor magician on a magic carpet, who was of course making off with the crown of the Northlands. The flying machine fell to the ground with its leather wings torn.  This was in some ways a blessing because Graculus, who had always thought that leather was not suitable, was now able to steal some gigantic tail-feathers from the Lesser Orps and make it some proper wings.

*The flying machine is powered by clockwork (despite the Nogs having no clocks, nor any idea what they are for - see The Blackwash for details)