Noggin the Nog


"What do we do?  I haven't the slightest idea.""What do we do?  I haven't the slightest idea."Noggin, king of the Nogs is a gentle king who likes a quiet life.  He rules the Land of Nog and his people, the Nogs, with kindness and a well-meant but sometimes inconvenient desire to improve their lot.

Noggin dislikes magic and prefers to solve problems and right wrongs with a mixture of courage (of which he has plenty) and common-sense (of which he has not a lot).  He has a loyal retinue of guards, led by the redoubtable Thor Nogson, and a group of friends and advisers including Graculus and Olaf the Lofty.

He and his Queen, Nooka, live in a castle beside the sea with their young son and heir, Prince Knut.

All is not sweetness and light for Noggin, however, as his evil uncle Nogbad the Bad desperately wants to rule the Land of the Nogs in his place, and will go to any lengths to do so (see the Story). Actually, we should be grateful to Nogbad, as his dark plots seem to be the only interesting things that happen in the Land of Nog