Why am I doing this?

Well, why not?

If you are really interested, then it's because I was given the nickname "Noggin the Nog" at college.  Something to do with "Nigel" sharing a couple of consonants with "Noggin", or something like that.  Anyway, once I had access to the Net, I though I'd find some pictures of Noggin to use as wallpaper etc.

I was horrified that there wasn't a single picture or site available anywhere, especially as the Clangers were covered so well.

It was then that I resolved to create a Noggin the Nog site.  A few lunchtimes and an ok from Smallfilms later, and here we are.

If you're really bored, you can e-mail me at noggin@smallfilms.co.uk, or look at my home page at: http://www.nigel-baker.co.uk