Pingwings - The Books

I only know of two Pingwings books that were ever released, but I've got covers and stories for both of them!.

The Marrow Boat - A Flying Bird

1. The Marrow Boat Kaye and Ward 1978 - Series: Starting to Read - 17
marrow.jpg (76138 bytes)

Most Pingwings think marrows are just marrows but Paul Pingwing's marrow was to be a boat, or was it a car?  In it he was going to travel to far distant places where no Pingwing has ever the other side of the duck pond.

2. A Flying Bird Kaye and Ward 1978 - Series: Starting to Read - 18
flying.jpg (52677 bytes)  Of course birds fly!  Pingwings are birds so Pingwings can fly.  What does it matter if they are made of wool and stuffed with stuffing.  All Paul Pingwing needs is a few feathers, a launching-pad and he is up taking tea with the doves in their elegant house on top of a pole.