The Smallfilms Treasury

A brief filmography of Smallfilms.

Oliver Postgate started out by producing a set of stories called Alexander the Mouse.  These were shown live, which led to many problems, and so he turned to using 16mm film, and recording the programmes for later transmission.

Here is a  listing of the other programmes they produced



The Journey of Master Ho - A set of silent films for the deaf, telling the story of a small chinese boy and his buffalo, animated on a willow pattern background 1958


ivor.gif (7153 bytes) Ivor the Engine - The now familar tales of Ivor and friends in the top left-hand corner of Wales 1958-1963 ITV 32 films


nog.gif (4804 bytes) The Saga of Noggin the Nog - The adventures of a decent viking prince, and his not-so-decent Uncle 1959-1965 BBC 30 films


pingy.gif (1649 bytes) Pingwings - Small penguin like creatures that lived in Peter Firmin's barn. 1960-1965 ITV 32 films


The Seal of Neptune and The Mermaids Pearls - The adventures of a shrimp and a seahorse. 1960-1962 BBC 11 films


Little Laura - Made for Violet Drummond - The story of a posh little girl with a mouflon hat 1962 18 films


wood.gif (7933 bytes) The Pogles and Pogles Wood - The story of woodland folk, who lived in a tree with a magic bean plant 1964-1968 BBC 32 films


clang.gif (5848 bytes) The Clangers - The legendary stories of little mouse-like creatures that lived on a small moon.  The first colour productions by Smallfilms 1968-1971 BBC 26 films


bag_dm.gif (15837 bytes) Bagpuss - A saggy old cloth cat with magical powers who lived in a shop full of lost things.  Again, in colour 1973-1974 BBC 13 films


ivor.gif (7153 bytes) Ivor the Engine - The original stories of Ivor and friends, remade in colour, along with some new films. 1975-1977 BBC 40 films


nog.gif (4804 bytes) The Saga of Noggin the Nog - Two more stories about Noggin, also in colour.  One is a remake of Noggin and the Ice Dragon, the other a new one: Noggin and the Pie. 1979-1980 BBC 6 films


What-A-Mess - Made for Frank Muir - The adventures of an Afghan hound puppy 1980


Tottie - The Story of a Doll's House - Made for Rumer Godden - Said to be the only children's story with a murder in it. 1982-1984


pinny.gif (8328 bytes) Pinny's House - Made for Peter Firmin! - A tale of two tiny pin-sized dolls who lived on the mantlepiece. 1986